xroniko concept store


Aischylou 77z
Nicosia, 1011

About the project

÷xroniko concept store is a project focusing on the archaeological and traditional treasure on the island of Cyprus.
The project began in 2021 by the artist Vasiliki Riala.

÷xroniko concept store is aiming to:

  • Approach and reconsider the archaeological treasure
  • Find innovative solutions for contemporary needs
  • Educate locals and the wider audience about Cypriot History and the origin of the tradition of tamata (votive offerings)
  • Support local market and art
  • Create innovative travel items (souvenir)
  • Bridge the historical past with the nowadays present

The project won the award “Best Participation POP UP FESTIVAL NICOSIA 2021: “Commerce of Culture and Creativity” by the Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The Studio-Store is located since May 2022 in the old town of Nicosia.
Some of the candles are available in the gift shops of local Museums and archeological sites.

All products are handmade produced on the island of Cyprus.

Young Cypriot lady preparing the “kotsouthkia”
circa 2021
Photograph @maro_kkr
Special thanks to my grandma Vasilou

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Aischylou 77z, 1011
Nicosia, Cyprus

+357 97792733

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